Your Guide to Philippine Online Casino Payment Methods

The surge of online gambling in the Philippines has made it a popular and convenient form of entertainment. However, with this growth comes the need for strong regulations. Many online casino players, especially in the Philippines, are unaware of their rights until they encounter an issue. Knowing these rights is most important for a safe and secure online gambling experience. Regulatory bodies set requirements for online casinos to ensure players have a fair and secure experience, following local laws and regulations.


E-wallet is the most popular and commonly preferred type of online payment, not just in online casinos. With e-wallets, you can have your money in a virtual wallet, to save or to spend, and can access via providing security measures and logging in to your e-wallet account. In fact, many Filipino players love this type of payment because of its convenience and safety.

Credit Cards

While Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted payment methods, Philippine online casinos can only process transactions using cards issued by local banks. This is due to regulatory restrictions on international credit card use for online gambling purposes.

Although Visa and Mastercard offer convenient deposit and withdrawal options, processing times can vary between 1-7 business days depending on your issuing bank. Additionally, currency exchange fees may apply if your account currency differs from the casino’s base currency.

Bank Transfers

While not the most expedient deposit method, bank transfers provide a secure option for withdrawing winnings. Depositing via bank transfer may necessitate a branch visit and completion of necessary paperwork. In contrast, withdrawals are streamlined; simply provide your bank account information to the casino and await the transfer of funds. It is important to note that withdrawal processing times can vary by casino, so we recommend consulting their website for specific details.

Online Banking

Forgoing the use of intermediary payment processors, online banking allows for the swift and convenient transfer of funds directly from your bank account to your online casino account. This method streamlines the deposit process, expediting your gameplay experience.

Philippine online casinos offer a diverse selection of payment channels to cater to player preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some widely utilized methods:

GCash: This popular app remains at the top due to its speed, security, and common absence of transaction fees that the Filipinos love.

Visa & Mastercard: These globally recognized credit cards offer a convenient deposit option at many casinos. However, for specific details regarding supported casinos and processing times, you must refer to the banking days transaction provided by your bank.

Bitcoin: This digital currency provides a unique alternative to conventional banking methods. However, it’s crucial to possess a thorough understanding of Bitcoin before utilizing it for gambling purposes.

Skrill: A prominent e-wallet provider renowned for its commitment to user safety and security measures.

Inpay: This Philippine-specific payment solution offers a distinct approach to online casino transactions, though further information regarding its mechanics may be limited.

Wrapping Up

Prior to depositing funds, it’s essential to conduct due diligence on the chosen online casino to ensure its legitimacy and security. This guide serves to illuminate the various payment options available in the Philippine online casino landscape, empowering you to select the method that best aligns with your preferences.